LINK project

Any nation living outside its homeland faces the serious challenge of assimilation, which affects both the physical and spiritual life of the people. The most acute issue is the loss of cultural identity and spiritual links with the homeland. Taking an interest in one’s roots, traditions and everyday life is a natural response to assimilation.

According to tradition, Jewish assimilation started with Josef, who married an Egyptian woman on the Pharaoh’s advice. You can only be a Jew if your mother is a Jew, therefore his children, who were the ancestors of the people living in exile, were not of Jewish origin.

But at its heart, Jewishness is something in your soul, not your genes. The LINK project is aimed at addressing the soul of the Jewish people and creating the largest online community for Jews.

No matter their ethnic origins, all young people are concerned about the process of growing up and becoming self-sufficient and independent. The LINK project is an initiative to create public websites for young people to meet outstanding Jews around the world and have online discussions of two issues: becoming an independent adult and the importance of family in keeping national traditions alive during this process. Through this project, young people will be able to get answers to their most important questions. For instance, how to become successful in your field, or how to choose the path you will follow your entire life, and what role your family should play in this process. Well-known, very successful Jews in business, science, the arts, journalism and sports will be able to answer these vital questions. People who have already attained true success will be happy to share their experience and knowledge with young people. Holding onto experience and passing it down to younger generations is critically important.

The LINK project will counteract assimilation and preserve historical memory, national family traditions and values. The primary goal of the project is to unite young Jews all over the world around the idea of reviving Jewish family and traditions and to show them how important it is to remain connected.

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