The Fifth World Holocaust Forum

23 January 2020
Jerusalem, Israel

As we mark seventy-five years since the end of the Holocaust, the most horrific tragedy in human history, a new wave of antisemitism unseen since World War II poses an existential threat to European Jewry. Today, antisemitic incidents have hit record highs in countries such as France, Germany, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands. Jewish citizens again do not feel safe on European streets, with 38% considering emigrating because of antisemitism. Moreover, a third of Europeans knows only ‘a little’ or ‘nothing at all’ about the Holocaust. In these times of upheaval, commemorating the Holocaust and emphasising the urgency of joining forces against antisemitism and racism is of crucial importance. More than ever, the world cannot afford to forget where hatred and extremism can lead. More than ever, world leaders must renew their commitment to stand up against antisemitism and prejudice and to ensure that such tragedy never happens again.