Yad Vashem Seminars for Educators from Russia and Ukraine – November 5 – November 17, 2006

The Seminar for Ukrainian teachers was attended by 24 people. Ms. Julia Smilyanskaya was group leader. The group was very well versed in the subject for the following reasons:

  1. Most participants attended a preliminary seminar conducted by Yad Vashem in Lviv in February 2006;
  2. Most participants of the group were history teachers and social science teachers (there were two literature teachers in the group) who already had some experience teaching the Shoah;
  3. Many of the teachers had supported students who wanted to become guides for the traveling exhibition Anne Frank, which had already visited 20 towns in Ukraine. Students went through training in advance, including lessons on Shoah history and the story of Anne Frank and her family;
  4. Many of the Seminar’s participants had students who had taken part in an art contest on the Shoah. The contest was conducted under the aegis of the Ukrainian Center for Holocaust Studies (Kyiv) headed by Anatoly Podolsky;
  5. About half of the group was members of NOVA DOBA (New Era), an organization that unites teachers of history and social sciences. The group’s new education methods aim to promote tolerance as they teach. They presented us with a gift of some of the textbooks published by their organization.