22.11.2006 RJC President Visits Moscow Jewish School
18.11.2006 Munich
13.11.2006 At the Edge of the Ravine
10.11.2006 Synagogue Opening to Mark Sixty-eight Years since die Kristallnacht,
09.11.2006 RJC President Speaks at Synagogue Opening Ceremony in Munich
09.11.2006 Shadows and Ghosts of die Kristallnacht
02.11.2006 RJC President:
29.09.2006 Babi Yar Killings Remembered
28.09.2006 Ukraine Remembers 34,000 Jews Mass-murdered at Babi Yar
27.09.2006 Ukrainians, Jews Gather at Babi Yar
27.09.2006 1940 Nazi Massacre Remembered in Ukraine
27.09.2006 Kantor Calls for World Holocaust Forum to Be Held in Berlin
27.09.2006 European Leaders Gather in Ukraine for Babi Yar Commemoration
26.09.2006 Ukraine Prepares to Mark 65th Anniversary of Babi Yar Massacre
02.07.2006 Moshe Kantor Establishes New Fund to Strengthen Jewish Communities in Europe
30.06.2006 New Jewish European Fund Gives Philanthropists Hands-on Involvement
17.05.2006 RJC President Meets with Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs, Members of U.S. Congress
10.05.2006 Russian Sets Up Jewish Lobby
24.04.2006 Viatcheslav Kantor Thanks Viktor Yushchenko for His Attention to Holocaust Issues
24.04.2006 Ukrainian President and Head of RJC Discuss Preparations
24.04.2006 Viktor Yushchenko Meets with RJC President
24.04.2006 Second World Forum in Remembrance of Holocaust Victims to be Held in Kiev
24.04.2006 Yushchenko: Tragedy of the Holocaust Belongs to the Whole World
24.04.2006 Xenophobia and Racial Intolerance Increasing in Atmosphere of Weakening Historical Memory, Says Head of Russian Jewish Congress
24.04.2006 Viktor Yushchenko Met with Head of RJC Viatcheslav Kantor in Kiev
24.04.2006 Ukrainian President and President of Russian Jewish Congress Discuss
24.04.2006 Yushchenko and Head of RJC Discuss Preparations for World Holocaust Forum
24.04.2006 Second World Forum in Remembrance of Holocaust Victims to be Held in Kiev
24.04.2006 Ukraine's Yushchenko Discusses Preparations for Holocaust Forum
20.04.2006 President of Ukraine met President of the Russian Jewish Congress
07.04.2006 Russian Leader Praised
05.04.2006 Israeli President Lauds Russian Jewish Leader
04.04.2006 Katsav Lauds Kantor
02.04.2006 Russian Jewish Congress Head Decries Israelis' Attitudes
30.03.2006 President of Israel Meets President of the Russian Jewish Congress
10.03.2006 First Preparatory Meeting for Russian-US Summit of Jewish Communities Was Held in Geneva
09.03.2006 The First Meeting in Preparation for the Russian and American Jewish Communities Summit Was Held in Geneva
17.01.2006 Synagogue Attack Was Ethnically, Not Religiously Motivated